For a full history of my working life, you can download my CV, just click here.

Me in my guise of fim maker/marketer/web guy: www.filmsforwebsites.com

Cartoonito Tales is a show on Cartoonito in the UK. I made this EPK (electronic press kit) from scratch, filming behind-the-scenes, interviewing the crew, editing the footage, overseeing graphics and final audio mix. A fun job.

Repertoire Music are  a music library, providing groovy tunes. I blog for them under “Stickley’s Blog”

Jedward! Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, here’s a shoot I did with them and then edited for Boomerang TV.

Ben 10 Truck Tour. Filmed and edited this piece for the Cartoon Network website. Cool aliens.

Equals3 are experts in Web Marketing and I’ve done various jobs for them, including writing for Anyvan.com

Homeless World Cup 2010. I wrote the script for this global campaign video.

Reed & Mackay are the UK’s leading Business Travel company. I wrote all the copy for their revamped website that went live in January 2010.  They also ran a Thought Leadership Forum for which I wrote  a brochure (download PDF)

Scoop is a software package developed by Thomson Reuters. I wrote the script for this Sales reel.

Piece about the band PLUGS for “Metropolitan”, Eurostar’s in-journey magazine, seen by 10 million readers a month.

iKid. Shot and edited this video in a day for Cartoon Network in May 2010

The Real McCoy Won a short film competition. Film shown on Discovery Channel and the Cutty Sark website. Good script!

Blue Label is an Art Information website. I wrote, directed and edited these “how to use “video guides for them.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Wrote, directed and edited these short films in a day. Freaky.

Russell Brand: On the Road BBC TV. 2007 was the 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road”. With Bill Macleod of the BBC, we pitched the idea of a BBC4-type Kerouac Fest – shows about the book, Kerouac, The Beat Generation, Neal Cassady, Jazz of the Beats etc. In the end one documentary was made, fronted by Russell Brand – the only documentary made about Kerouac that year. End credits here.

Avalon: a Field in Glastonbury Channel 4. In 1999 I went to Glastonbury and filmed backstage in the Avalon Field.  The resulting footage became a documentary that I directed for Channel 4. Released on DVD in 2005 (www.menschfilms.com)

Reality Film is run by Marek Pytel, bringing obscure film classics to the big screen with live accompaniment. I was cameraman at various events such as Pere Ubu: It Came from Outer Space and Jimi Tenor. We also filmed numerous poetry and musical events, including Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend and Michael Horowitz (Portobello Film Festival)

Real Festival Music is based in Brighton and run by Judge Trev. He plays with Inner City Unit, a Hawkwind offshoot. I filmed a few gigs including at the Astoria, London (RIP). Here’s a link to a lo-fi but fun video.

London Grip is a groovy, non-mainstream, online Arts magazine. I’m in here somewhere.

Iggy the Eskimo Girl The footage was shot on 16mm by Anthony Stern in 1968. I got the footage transferred and edited it to Pink  Floyd’s ‘See Emily Play’. It was shown at a retrospective of Anthony’s films at the Cinemateque, Paris. Iggy appears on the cover of Syd Barrett’s ‘Madcap Laughs’ album.

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