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I’ve always loved books. Book spines on a wall beats wallpaper any day of the week. As a wee lad, growing up in Small Town Seventies, there were THREE second hand book shops where we lived. In them I found comics and books for less than the price of a packet of crisps (2p): Just William; Enid Blytons; The Eagle/Hornet/Tiger. There’s none now. I don’t count Book Warehouse – the Poundland of the literary world. My idea of heaven is having an afternoon mooching about second-hand bookshops and charity stores. In amongst the landfill I usually get at least one interesting curio or bargain.

Recently I’ve been selling lots of books on eBay. A visit to a charity shop doesn’t always provide gold but I know what I’m looking for and what can fetch at least a tenner. Not bad on a 50p investement, especially in volume.

Thanks to my darling Wife I now have the domain name “bonkersaboutbooks”. She did the lovely illustration at top. I haven’t got the thing up and running yet, ahem. So, for now, if you need any groaning shelves clearing or want advice/estimates on any books you have, drop me a line on

I do vinyl too….


Allen Lane, who founded Penguin Books, reckoned that good design cost the same as bad design. Here’s some pretty pix…

And here are some more book designs, from sublime to scary…

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