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Google, the world’s #1 Search Engine, owns Youtube, the world’s #2 Search Engine. This means Google LOVES video. Video has become an everyday part of Social Media and a valuable tool for businesses to get their message out.
Ninety percent of people in the UK work for a company with 10 employees or fewer: the butcher, baker, candlestick maker as it were. Film used to be the preserve of big companies with big marketing budgets. Not anymore. Technology is better and cheaper than ever before and Youtube et al are free to use.
My elevator pitch? Part of my job in broadcast TV involved taking a 3 hour movie like, say, “Saving Private Ryan”, and making a 30″ trailer for it. Getting to the core of a message. On brand, too. Films For Websites was set up to use that skill, along with all my other TV experience, to make real films about real people, realistically priced.
Video. It’s the future..

Some jobs…
Films For Websites made this film for the Angelus Foundation, a drug charity involved with “legal highs’ – nasty stuff.


Films For Websites were asked to make a short film showing what a day in the life of a book distributor with Index Books involved . The film was designed to give a flavour of the work rather than a detailed analysis. We filmed Barry Tinker who runs the Croydon patch and was a joy to work with.

Artist Samantha Barnes works with all age groups and all abilities. In this film Samantha talks about a recent day she organized for The Big Draw, a charity dedicated to getting people involved with Art…


Say cheese!

Flying Fish are in the business of personal and professional development, specializing in leadership and management training. Their motto: turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A short film, in Japanese, extolling the virtues of a home to rent in Whitchurch, Hampshire. Taking our steer from the Japanese client, we trained cameras on the everyday things that Brits might miss: flint and brick walls, ye olde pubs, car boot sales (?!)

Author Henry Scott-Irvine has written the definitive biography on Procol Harum. As part of a Social media campaign for the book we shot this short film for him

Honeysuckle Interiors do fabulous things with fabrics and furnishing. The Beeb’s “Great British Sewing Bee”, stitch-n-bitch/knit-n-natter sessions across the UK, and general belt-tightening has made sewing, make-and-mend thrift and home made furnishings popular again. Honeysuckle have tapped into this and asked us to make a series of films for them. Here’s a couple of them…

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