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Hello and welcome to my website.
My background is TV Creative Services: the selling, marketing and branding of television. But let’s begin at the beginning…
After graduating from Stirling University in Film and Media Studies, I began my career in TV the old fashioned way. As a runner. I paid my dues there and, later, at MTV and SKY, working in transmission. These jobs gave me an understanding of the whole TV process and the admin skills needed, not least attention-to-detail.

An amazing couple of  years working for Orbit in Rome gave me the ‘official’ production skills needed to make TV. After that, 11 Years at Channel Five gave me all the experience needed for a modern Creative Services department: directing; producing; editing, and, not least, writing.

Freelance since May 2008, I’ve worked for BBC Worldwide, Turner, ITV, CNN, NBC Universal, Red Bee, Discovery, ETV, Fox, Disney, Five and elsewhere. Television is still a passion. Despite that, I’m doing more writing jobs, particularly copywriting. All my TV skills are transferable, not least in Marketing. Where art and commerce meets.

Scripting has always been my core strength and I can turn my hand to any scenario or medium, from pithy one-liners to long essays. I can deliver a brief to deadline, shaping an idea for its intended audience. Clear, concise communication with creativity. All the tricks-of-the-trade and fresh thinking too. Writing that speaks the language of advertising and marketing.

on air – on the page – online.

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