How To Get Bang For Buck with Online Video

The Army have an expression: The Five P’s – P#ss Poor Planning leads to Poor Performance. If you’re organized then you waste less and gain more. This came to mind with a recent job we did for Honeysuckle Interiors. Marina, who’s run the business for 25 years, had a definite idea of what she wanted. We love clients like her!
Honeysuckle Interiors sell everything to make your home beautiful, not least with a bespoke curtain service. The BBC’s recent show, “The Great British Sewing Bee”, has rekindled an interest in sewing and Marina was keen to capitalize on the current wave of interest. Honeysuckle have run workshops for years but they wanted some films to highlight this, generate interest in their business and generally add value.
We devised a package of films that could go on their website and their Youtube channel to show off their wares.
The first film was a call-to-arms getting people to sign up for a limited offer of free, half-day workshops. The second film was effectively the same, but with 80% different pictures and a different script, flagging up that they do workshops. This second film would replace the first film once the special offer had ended and could run for longer.

Next we made three different “How To” films that we called “Honeysuckle Hints” which were just that: hints and tips on how to make a french pleat, make a cord bag and how to hang a roman blind. These gave away some of their knowledge for free (adding value) but also showed off their expertise and, through the power of t’Interweb and tagging and SEO, help raise their profile in the online world.

We also refreshed a film that we’d made for Honeysuckle last year, using the same audio but showing the new stock in the shop. On the day we filmed for 4 hours and ultimately delivered 6 films. Usually that would cost a lot of money but because of the nature of what was required we weren’t doing 6 different shoots. Everything we needed was shot in that 4 hours.
It only worked though because Marina knew exactly what she wanted to say and had prepared in advance. OK, a few fluffs here and there but once we got going it was bang, bang, bang. The How To films were the easiest. When you get people talking knowledgeably and with passion then films almost cut themselves. Sure, my kit and experience captured it but there’s nobody who knows a business better than the people who own and run it.
So, that’s our tip really. You might think films are expensive but with thoughtful planning it’s easy to capture a number of different messages, which can become different films. “How To” films are especially useful as they don’t require fancy staging, they show you in action showing off your skills and knowledge, and they give something to the person viewing. “How To” is the most used search phrase on Youtube. Fact!
And remember, once those films are uploaded, they stay there and become part of your back catalogue. They can be watched years down the line – on your website, your LinkedIn company page, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, all over – with every view maybe generating a lead and keeping you in the Google rankings. My Business Growth Advisor, Tim Savage, says it’s all about the numbers – he’s a large, loud Welshman so I tend to listen. £500 can buy you a quarter page ad in our local rag, (Basingstoke Gazette), which lasts a week before becoming fish wrapper. £500 on a film goes a lot further…

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