The Big Skies of Suffolk.

We left London 4 years ago to Hampshire. Long story but, if I’m honest, it wasn’t perfect. After years of visiting my brother and his brood in Suffolk we decided this summer to move there. It’s nice.

The biggest difference is the, without sounding hippy, vibe. People seem more relaxed. Sure, there’s not as much money here as in the affluent South East but that’s probably why people seem more chilled. Our bit of Hampshire was 50 minutes by train from London and people pay a premium for that. So, houses, food, everything, costs more. And, just observing people on the train when I had work in London, people seemed under the cosh. Gotta keep paying dem bills, even if it means 3 hours commute every day.

Suffolk doesn’t have that feeling. It’s like Birmingham: big, but with a sense of community. Also, we’ve met more like-minded folk. Our town has everything we need and lots of character and “characters”. I saw a guy wearing an old German army helmet with The Cramps logo on the front yesterday. Nobody seemed to mind. I like that.

Don’t get me wrong. I love London and lived there on and off for over 20 years. The arrival of fatherhood skews your priorities and London isn’t useful when you’re changing nappies. Paying a premium to live near it, in effectively a dormitory town off the M3 Corridor, lost its appeal pretty quick. So, thank you Hampshire, you helped wean me off the Smoke. Suffolk is more me.

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